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If we cannot preserve Nature in its original state, than we must find that architecture and settlement pattern which damages Nature the least.

Zvi Hecker


The Zsámbék Basin is one of the most dinamic developing part of Hungary, which confirmed by lots of planned and realised investments in the region.The project can find in the western gate of Budapest, close to Szomor village, near to M1 (Vienna-Budapest) motorway.

There are several important industrial and logistical parks located in the 10-20 km diameter circle of the development, as for instance Etyekwood Film Studios, or Tópark Development, which will be the largest office development, and territorial center development of  CEE. Also  the Talentis Programme will be developed in this region, covers 5000 hectares development area in a 20 years development concept devoted to be the first Silicon Valley of Central-East Europe.


A unique development in the Budapest metropolitan region, the focus of Hungary’s creative economy. With its own forest, this residential estate is the ideal location for creative work in a tranquil environment. The area offers opportunities for those wishing to work in many fields, from film-making to university education, from high-tech innovation to more traditional creative pursuits. A healthy environment , a home suited to productive work, culture, mobility, creativity.