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If we cannot preserve Nature in its original state, than we must find that architecture and settlement pattern which damages Nature the least.

Zvi Hecker


Road network

There is a barrier controlled access to the settlement by the starting point of the private road of BlueMoon Valley ParkVillage.The present road network still metalled road on 15 km length. The final road network will be executed after finishing the public utilities.



Electric power supply of 20 kV power supply potential, which is located 350 meters away from the connection. The internal earth cable distribution architecture, which installed a transformer has been developed. The electrical power for the final construction permit under construction and was handed over to the North-Danubian Co E.on with the plans set out by the electrical network.


Gas network

The local gas network switched into the large-middle pressure tube system from 4500 metres from the unit. The central inner network with joining points still totally planned, and the execution of the inner public network finished on 1st November 2010.


Drinking water

The water network connected into the public water network of the village. The plans still finished, and the project has the necessary licence for the final execution.


Sewage system

All of the 130 building sites has a common, central settling pan on the corner of the development. The sewage tube and cleaning network still planned and licenced.


Karstic well

In the common space of the development there is well with official authorization for 350 meters deep, 18 cubic meter per second capacity karstic well. After finishing the execution of the well on 31. august 2010 there is a possible alternative water system in the site.



The optical cable for the telecommunication system planned parallel with the water system joining to the central switch in the center of Szomor village. All the required plans still worked out, and licenced by the National Communication Authority


A unique development in the Budapest metropolitan region, the focus of Hungary’s creative economy. With its own forest, this residential estate is the ideal location for creative work in a tranquil environment. The area offers opportunities for those wishing to work in many fields, from film-making to university education, from high-tech innovation to more traditional creative pursuits. A healthy environment , a home suited to productive work, culture, mobility, creativity.